Thank you for considering becoming a…

Patrons of the arts!

Sponsor and / or Donator

Each sponsor will get:

  • Exposure on the Website

And, one sponsor will be featured each month (to allow for greater impact) and featured on our:

  • Monthly Social Media pieces

    Social media pieces will be put out on all of the city social media accounts. We are also strongly encouraging the artists to put it out on their social media. (See sample)

  • Monthly Press releases

  • Featured in the Buellton Buzz

    Buellton Buzz goes to approximately 1,300 residents every other month. (See sample)

If we reach our goal for sponsors and /or donations, we can add some extras! Possible ideas include (but are not limited to):

  • Involving MORE Artists!
  • Changing ALL 44 banners on Avenue of Flags and Hwy 246
  • Getting drone footage of the installation

    (would be great for PR)

  • Picture/video Day with the art and artists

    (Could be sponsored separately)

  • A Zazzle Shop including products with the art

    (Could be sponsored separately)

Price for sponsorship $600

First come, first serve to pick the month you will be featured!
Multiple month per person/business is totally fine with us!

Or, call Kristin at 805-246-5657 (text 773-983-3306) for more info.

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YOU could be here!

Black Gold Roofing


YOU could be here!