heARTing Buellton, CA
heARTing Buellton, CA

Thank you Artists!

We are heARTing your submissions to 
“Exploring the Ocean!”

Gold and Blue Fish

Still want to create some art? 

Click on the image below to watch the video “Helping Anton” – encouraging EVERYONE to help out and draw!

Helping Anton Video

Deadline for Art Submissions was May 1, 2024.

We received some fabulous art, and we cannot thank the artists enough!!!

It is now being combed through, digitized, and put together. Our hope is to have the new banners up in July.

All donations and sponsorships will now be coordinated with our partnering nonprofit -

California Nature Art Museum

FYI- We received donated books for K-2, raised enough money to create a Zazzle store & add more art to this year's project, and we just found our drone videographer!!!

You can still donate or become a sponsor.
Our Next Goal:
Photo day for the artist with the banners

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Current Sponsors for our “Exploring the Ocean” Project include:

Swim Kim - Breakthrough Swimming and Consulting
Face in Water - Swimming and Water Safety Education
Unscribbled Web and Graphic Design Solutions

Sponsors PG&E

BradKaz Photography


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or here!

Our partnering nonprofit:

California Nature Art Museum

How it works

Contributed art gets turned into...
Contributed art gets turned into...
a collaborative community art project.
Colorful Fish