heARTing Buellton, CA
heARTing Buellton, CA

Send Us Your
Art Submission Below

We are now accepting submissions for our
“Exploring the Ocean” community project
until May 1, 2023

We welcome creativity from everyone!
You do NOT have to be a Buellton resident to submit your art. 

  • Please put your name as you would like it to appear in any accreditations.
  • Please let us know who we should contact if your submission is chosen.
  • If your piece is chosen, it will be added to one of our monthly social media pieces, and I want to be able to send you the artwork too!
  • - -
  • Acceptable files: JPG, PDF, PNG, HEIC - 2 MB limit
  • By submitting my artwork, if chosen, I agree to allow Buellton to use my design for the Community Arts & Social Media project and in any artwork projects for the city in the future.