heARTing Buellton, CA
heARTing Buellton, CA

Thank you for considering becoming a…

Patron of the arts!

Sponsor and / or Donate

All donationg and sponsorships will now be coordinated with our partnering nonprofit (so this year it is a tax deductible)!
90% of profits raised will go towards THIS Buellton art project to further our community art project goals.
10% will go back to California Nature Art Museum.
Thank you CalNAM for making this WIN-WIN-WIN possible!

California Nature Art Museum

Price for sponsorship $600 

Each sponsor will get:

  • Exposure on the Website

And, one sponsor will be featured each month (to allow for greater impact) on our:*

  • Monthly Social Media 

    Social media pieces will be put out on all of the city social media accounts. We are also strongly encouraging the artists to put it out on their social media. (See sample)

  • Monthly Press release

  • Featured in the Water Bill Mailing

    Each month that there is not a Buellton Buzz, we will send a flyer featuring the monthly art and mentioning YOU as a sponsor. This goes to approximately 1,200 residents every other month. (See sample)

Monthly Sponsorship is limited to the first 12 sponsors to sign up! 

Looking to do MORE?

Sponsoring multiple months for one person/ business is totally fine with us! Or…
Click here check out the BIG goal we dreamed up and are looking for a potential BIG sponsor to help us make come true! 

Or, call Kristin at 805-246-5657 (text 773-983-3306) for more info.

Current Sponsors include:

Swim Kim - Breakthrough Swimming and Consulting
Face in Water - Swimming and Water Safety Education
Unscribbled Web and Graphic Design Solutions

Sponsors PG&E

BradKaz Photography


YOU could be here!


or here!

Because of your generous patronship of the arts, we are one step closer to our goals!!

If we reach our goal for sponsors and /or donations, we can add some extras!
Possible ideas include (but are not limited to):

  • Goal #1 - A Zazzle Shop including products with the art

    We will create a Zazzle store, where people can purchase the designs (this project and our last project) on various products of their choosing. Water bottles, mugs, phone cases, canvas bags, baseballs, shirts, there are tons of options. Including “heARTing... Buellton, CA” in all artwork.

    We need 2 more paid sponsors and this is going to happen!

Zazzle Shop
  • Goal #2 - More "Thank You" gifts for our Buellton Elementry and Middle School Artists

    Face in Water has already generously donated 160 books for grades K-2 encouraging kids to learn to swim! We would like to print sticker sheets with art from our last project to give to the older kids.

    We need 1 more paid sponsor to give stickers to all the older kids,
    OR 1 sponsor and a few more donations to give stickers to all our students!
    OR, 1 BIGGER sponsor of $800 - If you want to do this, we can put your logo on the sticker sheet!*
    WIN - WIN - WIN!

Life with Lou Book
  • Our BIG Pie in the Sky Goal -  Creating a pre-paid postage postcard showcasing the art

    Each month we will create a postcard using the featured monthly design. The postcard could be given away for free at the Chamber, City offices, and/or other locations, so visitors can mail this free promotion of Buellton to their friends. With printing, art setup, and postage, we have a couple of goals:
    100 postcards a month - $3,000
    250 postcards a month - $4,000

    We need 6 sponsors
    OR 1 BIG sponsor for the total cost above. If we get one sponsor, then we can add the sponsor's logo to all the postcards too!* Win - Win - Win!
    Contact us if you are interested.


Sample Postcard<br />
  • Anything extra? - MORE ART!

    If we raise money, but not enough to meet a goal, we will use any money raised to create & add in more art work elements and create extra holiday focused social media pieces.

  • Another option - Picture/video Day with the art and artists

    (Could be sponsored separately)

  • Another option - Getting drone footage of the installation

    (This would be great for our PR campaign - and we are open to in-kind sponsorship if you are available.)

  • Or, Send us YOUR idea and lets see what we can do!

    Contact Us

Banners on the Avenue - Buellton, CA